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mins for somfy curtain motorWork with Smart Station, turn traditional curtain motorinto a smart one work with somfy curtain motor, no need for extra wiring, accurate controlby percentage, and it can upgrade the motors of garagedoor easily, 2 x AA battery powered

One tap to control the whole shading system              

Scheduled task                                        

Accurate control by percentage

Voice control

LS178 MINS Curtain Motor Controller for somfy curtain motor

SKU: 6932046201919
  • Operating Temperature -5~45℃

    Control Unit Relay: 2A magnetic latching

    Interface RJ11 input RJ11 output 10 Pin input 10 Pin output

    Dimensions Weight 135*32*23mm 55g (excluding battery)

    Color Ivory white

    Casing ABS+PC

    Radio Protocol Signal Range (Open Field) CoSS 100

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