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Adopt microwave radar technology to sensitively detect human motion

The MSA201 Z Human Presence motion sensors (Radar Detector, ZigBee) adopts millimeter wave Doppler radar, sensing human movement and static presence.It detect via human movement Doppler parameters and human physiological parameters synchronized sensing technology for wireless perception of human status in the area, report the wireless signal to the gateway to activate smart scene linkage ; suitable for home, hotel, office and otherplaces.

Human Presence motion sensors (Radar Detector, ZigBee)


    • 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensing module

    • Supports detection of multiple states of activity, rest, sleep, and unoccupied.

    • The product has a built-in light sensor.

    • Extra large detection range.

    • Ceiling-mounted, more beautiful.

  • Model Number




    Working Voltage

    AC 100V-240V

    Wireless Technology

    ZigBee 3.0

    Signal Range(Open Field)



    Detection Type


    Millimeter wave Doppler radar(24GHz)

    Response Time

    No one to someone in about 0.5 seconds, and after the person leaves, no one is reported in about 2 minutes


    Luminous range




    Working Temperature




    Working Humidity




    Installation Method


    Ceiling Mount


    Product Life


    5 years

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