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Face Recognition Terminal, 7-inch LCD touch screen,2 Mega pixel wide-angle lens,Built-in Mifare card reading module and QR Code module; Max.6,000 faces capacity , Max.50,000 cards; Two-way audio with client software, indoor station, and master station Supports TCP/IP、WiFi Supports 6 attendance status, including check in, check out, break in, break out, overtime in, overtime out multiple languages: English, Spanish (South America), Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Korean Two-door control:connected with secure Door Control Unit to realize 2 doors control Supports Peripheral Module: DS-KAB670-WE, DS-KAB670-WB (WE:868 MHz; WB:433 MHz),Use with wireless Keyfob:DS-PC2002-WECKV,DS-PC2002-WBCKV Supports single person and multiple people (Up to 5 people) recognition Face Recognition Accuracy Rate > 99% Face Recognition Duration(1:N) ≤0.2s Face Recognition Distance: 0.3m ~ 3m IP65



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