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2.8“ Screen SIP Phone, display resolution: 320 x 240; 6 SIP Lines;37 physical keys; 2 10/100Mbps Ethernet interfaces, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n; standard PoE/ 12 VDC.

DS-KP8000-WHE1 SIP-Phone

وحدة SKU: 305303730
  • HD audio on speakerphone and handset

    3 DSS keys on the 2.8”colorful display screen

    Hardware video decoding (H.264, 1080P)

    Dual 10M/100M Ethernet ports, standard PoE power supply

    Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

    Compatible with major platforms: Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3CX, Metaswitch, Elastix, Avaya etc.

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